Bellmore Merrick CHSD, NY

Equivalent to 247 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Stony Brook University, NY

Equivalent to 204 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Ferndale Schools, MI

Equivalent to 20.2 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

City of Gardner, MA

Equivalent to 39.2 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Shoreham-Wading River Schools, NY

Equivalent to 44.2 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Town of Branford, CT

Equivalent to 133 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Northport Schools, NY

Equivalent to 16 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Valley Stream CHSD, NY

Equivalent to 210 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Town of Enfield, CT

Equivalent to 86.8 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Federal Bureau of Prisons: El Rino, OK

Equivalent to 703 tons of Carbon Dioxide saved.

Keith Carlsen

Keith Carlsen

Keith’s career in the field of water and energy conservation began in 1999. Since then he has achieved significant experience with steam system optimization and water/energy saving technologies. He has had lead roles in all phases of the project cycle including sales, development, installation, and commissioning. Past values for projects completed range from $10,000 to $4,000,000. Over the past decade, Keith has been directly responsible for the development and installation of over 100,000 steam traps and control valves. The markets Keith has the most experience include universities, hospitals, federal installations, public schools, public housing, and office buildings.

His role provides him an opportunity to run the company with a hands-on approach and incorporate his over 14 years’ experience in commercial steam applications, water conservation, project management and proposal development.

In addition, Keith has multi-faceted experience in construction projects where he has acted as Sales, Project Superintendent, Project Manager, Developer, and Development Manager. Mr. Carlsen has previously worked for Water Management Inc. and Aqualine Resources Inc. Mr. Carlsen has OSHA 30 certificate training and has attained his C.E.M. certification.

Some of his areas of expertise include:

  • Designing and Implementing both water and steam system efficiency programs
  • Auditing, measuring and verifying existing fixtures and equipment
  • Managing engineers and contractors to complete scopes of work timely and within budget
  • Consulting with vendors regarding product specs and technological advances
  • Analyzing steam usage in facilities and recommending conservation measures
  • Writing and editing proposals for various customers
  • Researching regulations and incentive affecting steam and energy use in facilities such as LEED.
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