design-build contracting

Proven end-to-end contracting services.  Expert system survey & testing.  Complete system retrofit design & project design engineering services.  Professional P&ID, Line by Line & scope description with transparent, accurate energy savings calculations.  Material selection, submittal and approval.  Work and safety plans, JHA, OSHA compliance, project schedule and governance.  Full time on-site project management of reliable local licensed subcontracted labor.  System commissioning and warranty management.  Surety bonding, insurance and contract compliance.

design-bid contracting

Custom design / bid services for private and public sector clients.  Project scope consulting, best practice approach, site specific equipment selection.  Complete system retrofit design & engineering services.  P&ID, Line by Line & scope description with collaborative energy savings calculations.  Material selection and submittal packages.  Scope ROM and cost budgeting.  Desktop consulting through 100% design services.


Focus on operations and maintenance improvements and diagnostic testing.  Recommendations for needed capital improvements identified through the process.  Complete sub-system evaluation, commissioning, testing and reporting, or FEMP 90/10 to 80/20 compliant testing.  Identify and analyze other energy-saving opportunities involving demand response, retrofitting and benchmarking projects.

Monitoring and metering

Focus on enhanced analytic evaluation.  Conduct analysis to identify energy conservation opportunities, focus on mass balance and chemical balance calculations.  Billable submetering solutions.  Web based or BACnet front end.  Custom designed applications for complex environments.  Applications for all mediums.

Utility-Rebate Administration

Manage rebate application and fulfillment process with local utility provider for prescriptive and custom rebates.  Identify custom rebate opportunities and apply best-practice design consulting to realize full potential.  Manage application, inspection and reimbursement process.


1.      Steam Systems
2.      Heat & Condensate Recovery
3.      Thermal Insulation & RICs
4.      DDC Control Valves
5.      Boiler Plant Optimization
6.      HVAC Upgrades
7.      Water Conservation